Westchester County

Environmental Security

Environmental Security

The ESU actively protects the county's environment and natural resources. 

The Environmental Security Unit (ESU) was established to protect and safeguard the environment and natural resources of Westchester through education and active enforcement.

The ESU provides input on security measures at certain county facilities including parks, wastewater treatment plants, water supply structures and municipal waste transfer stations. The ESU utilizes proactive measures to minimize adverse impact to the environment. Members of the unit conduct frequent and random environmental security inspections of county facilities as well as of other critical assets and infrastructure within the county.

The Environmental Security Unit works with agencies at all levels of government to conduct investigations and form the collaborative partnerships needed to respond to, investigate and remediate environmental incidents.

ESU conducts security inspections of County properties and other sensitive areas to assess compliance with environmental regulations and established security measures. Areas that receive this extra scrutiny include county transportation hubs, recreation areas and water supply systems. These inspections allow early detection of emerging conditions and greatly enhance law enforcement’s ability to take prompt corrective actions.

ESU conducts criminal investigations into violations of environmental law. These investigations lead to corrective actions to minimize the negative impact to the environment. Many cases result in criminal charges and arrests or the issuance of summonses.

Educational Programs
The ESU's environmental enforcement education includes presentations to local schools, community organizations, businesses and local government officials.