Westchester County

Homeland Security

Homeland Security

In April 2003, the Department of Public Safety consolidated its efforts in the areas of counter terrorism intelligence gathering and the security of critical infrastructure by creating the Office of Intelligence, Security and Counter Terrorism (ISCT) and appointing its first director. The ISCT was created to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the county’s deterrence and prevention counter terrorism activities.  

The ISCT is tasked with the:

  • Collection, analysis and dissemination of intelligence information
  • Development of proactive initiatives and reactive strategies responsive to intelligence/threat information
  • Identification of capabilities and coordination of activities between county departments, local, state and federal law enforcement agencies and our private sector partners
  • Identification of federal, state and non-governmental funding sources to help protect critical facilities and critical infrastructure within the County
  • Development and distribution of awareness materials and presentations for law enforcement, business and citizen groups within the community 

Information/Intelligence Sharing
The ISCT gathers and develops intelligence to help ensure the security of county residents, critical infrastructure within the county, and those who work, visit or recreate in Westchester. This includes:

  • Identifying, analyzing and sharing relevant domestic and international incidents
  • Coordinating and monitoring local and regional preparedness efforts
  • Conducting vulnerability assessments and risk management analyses
  • Monitoring threats and make recommendations to deter, detect, prevent and respond to terrorist incidents 

The ISCT data mines multiple sources and local, state and federal law enforcement agencies, to gather public, law enforcement sensitive and classified information concerning security and terrorism. Once consolidated, the information is analyzed and assessed for its relevance to Westchester County, surrounding counties and New York State. A  weekly report is disseminated to law enforcement agencies within Westchester County and several counter terrorism zones within New York State as a means of providing a single resource document for related issues. 

The ISCT continues to coordinate its efforts with the Security Sub-Committee of  the Westchester County Chiefs of Police Association, the New York State Police, the New York City Department of Environmental Protection Police and federal law enforcement to identify and resolve security concerns beyond the capabilities of one law enforcement agency. Additionally, the Counter Terrorism Intelligence Task Force continues to share intelligence and appropriate on-going investigative information. 

Since September 11, 2001, security of critical infrastructure/key assets has taken a prominent role in homeland defense. Whether the asset is a building, bridge, energy infrastructure, school, essential personnel or transportation asset, each requires a unique assessment of its threats, vulnerabilities and risks. 

The Corporate Security Sub-Committee, consisting of representatives of various private sector security managers from around the county, addresses significant physical security and protocol issues with respect to emergency first responders. Also to enhance coordination and communications advantages, private businesses provide a representative to the county’s Emergency Operations Center when it is fully activated. Substantial security efforts have been made at the Westchester County Airport and Kensico Dam. The airport has undergone significant security improvements, including a state-of-the-art security system. Enhanced coordination with the New York City Department of Environmental Protection Police has produced significant security improvements at the Kensico Dam. 

Counter Terrorism
Public awareness is an essential element for success in homeland defense. Often, our day-to-day battle is with complacency. In an effort to shake lethargy and battle complacency, the ISCT developed awareness materials and conducts presentations for business and community groups. Read and print any of the materials below.