Below are frequently asked questions about the Public Safety Emergency Force (PSEF).

Q: Is the PSEF a separate department?
A: The PSEF is a reserve unit of the Department of Public Safety. It is aligned with Patrol Operations and reports directly to the Commissioner-Sheriff. 

Q: What authority do members of the PSEF have on duty?
A: Members of the PSEF are appointed as part-time Deputy Sheriffs by the Commissioner-Sheriff and have full police powers on duty pursuant to Subdivision 57a of Section 2.10 of the New York State Criminal Procedure Law. 

Q: Do PSEF members have any law enforcement status off duty?
A: PSEF members are civilians off duty and possess no peace officer status off duty. 

Q: Are PSEF members authorized to carry firearms on duty?
A: Yes, all members are provided with a county-issued firearm. 

Q: Do members need a pistol permit?
A: Yes.  The department-issued weapon must be added to the permit with a PSEF Duty Only Restriction. 

Q: Do PSEF members get paid?
A: Members are considered volunteers and do not receive any compensation.Should they be injured while performing their duties as a PSEF member,they are entitled to Workman's Compensation Benefits and are indemnified by the County for any liability arising out of the reasonable performance of their duty. 

Q: Do PSEF members have to purchase their uniform and equipment?
A: The County and the PSEF will provide members with uniforms and equipment, including the firearm and body armor.  Currently members are only responsible for purchasing handcuffs/case, flashlight, and shoes. 

Q: How much time must members commit?
A: Members must be able to attend monthly training sessions from October through May and have satisfactory detail attendance.  Exceptions are communicated to all members and failure to adhere may result in suspension/removal.