The Crime Analysis Unit (CAU) serves as the Westchester County and regional law enforcement intelligence and information hub, connecting more than 100 local, state and federal law enforcement agencies in and surrounding Westchester County. 

CAU plays a critical role in:

  • Disseminating information necessary to identify pattern crimes and suspects
  • Issuing the latest bulletins on officer safety and criminal investigation methods and techniques, necessary to enhance law enforcement’s detection and apprehension capabilities. 

CAU holds regular intelligence-sharing meetings to facilitate the exchange of information between the numerous police agencies in and around the county. Moreover, the CAU utilizes a secure list server and Web site to give law enforcement members immediate access to current and historical information and intelligence.  

CAU investigations include:

  • Counter-terrorism
  • Registered sex offenders
  • Computer crime
  • Bank fraud
  • Stolen property
  • Predicate felons and gun-related cases. 

These investigations are often conducted in conjunction with:

  • Local law enforcement
  • The Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • The Joint Terrorist Task Force
  • The New York City Police Department
  • The New York State Police
  • The Office of Homeland Security
  • Other law enforcement agencies 

Additionally, CAU is responsible for monitoring reports of bias crimes throughout the county. The unit also tracks convicted sex offenders who reside in the Town of Cortlandt and Westchester County housing facilities to ensure the offenders are in compliance with Megan’s Law.