Academy-2The Department of Public Safety operates the New York State Zone 3 Police Training Academy, which serves the law enforcement communities of Westchester and Putnam Counties. The Police Academy provides entry-level and in-service training to police and peace officers within Zone 3.
The Police Academy offers two sessions annually of Basic Recruit School, a 20-week program for recruit officers from the Department of Public Safety and municipal police departments.
The Police Academy also offers courses designed to develop or enhance specialized skills for veteran police and peace officers. The Police Academy provides training in:

  • Counter terrorism
  • Incident command system
  • Fraudulent documents
  • Law enforcement prevention and deterrence of terrorist acts
  • Critical Incident Management for supervisors and managers 

Course offerings are also available to local emergency first responders as well as state and federal health services disciplines.
The Police Academy continues to provide executive level training to Zone 3 law enforcement agencies by presenting courses designed specifically for department executives, including supervisor communications, advanced incident command system and management of critical incidents. 

The Police Academy, although primarily staffed with police officers assigned from within the Department of Public Safety, utilizes certified police instructors from local law enforcement agencies within Zone 3. This collaborative effort enables the Police Academy to use local experts and provide superior training opportunities to law enforcement officers throughout Westchester and the surrounding area.