The Westchester County Public Safety Emergency Force (PSEF) provides, with pride and integrity:

  • Quality service and protection to the citizens of the county
  • Invaluable assistance to all the Police Departments in Westchester County's many municipalities 

The PSEF is a specialized unit in the Westchester County Department of Public Safety. It is comprised of part-time Deputy Sheriffs. All members are duly sworn peace officers and possess those powers to carry out their duties. 

The PSEF provides assistance, upon request, to town, village and city police departments with regard to traffic and crowd control at special events such as parades, street fairs and fireworks celebrations. 

The PSEF works in conjunction with the Westchester County Police on a variety of details throughout the county. Past assignments have included:

  • September 11
  • Hurricanes, blackouts
  • Presidential, vice-presidential and papal visits 

On average, the PSEF works about 85 details a year.