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Pistol License Applicants with Upcoming Appointments:
If you have an existing appointment from before Sept.1, 2022, to submit your application for a pistol license you must update and replace some forms in your existing application package.

In order to have or carry a pistol in New York State, you must first obtain a pistol license. In Westchester County, the Licensing Officers are judges or justices of the Supreme or County Court (Penal Law §265.00(10)). The Westchester County Department of Public Safety Pistol License Unit acts as the investigative service to the Licensing Officer for all firearm license matters.  The Westchester County Clerk issues pistol licenses and is the repository for all pistol license records.  Carry firearm licenses (Penal Law §400.00(2)(f)) issued by Westchester County are valid for three years. If you have any questions about pistol licensing matters, contact us.

Once you complete your New York State Pistol License application and attachments, and have complied with all application instructions, you must then make an appointment with the Westchester County Department of Public Safety Pistol License Unit to be fingerprinted and interviewed by calling (914) 995-2709.

Pistol License Safety and Information Handbook for Westchester  County
Please obtain your copy of the Pistol License Safety and Information Handbook for Westchester County.  You are required to read and be familiar with the contents of this Handbook.

Mandatory Firearms Training
All applicants for a Carry firearm license must submit proof of completion of a sixteen-hour mandatory in-person firearms training and a two hour live fire course evidenced by a certificate of completion issued in the applicant’s name and affirmed, under the penalty of perjury, by a duly authorized instructor (New York State Penal Law §400.00(19)).

All applicants for a Premises firearm license or semi-automatic rifle endorsement must complete the NRA basic safety course.

Pistol License Application Forms
Please use our latest forms revision dated Sept. 1, 2022.   Prior dated forms do not meet legal requirements and will not be accepted. 

Please use the dropdowns below to find out which forms you must complete.

Renewing your NYS Pistol / Semi-Auto Rifle License

Individual files below

If you are renewing a Full Carry Permit you must complete the Mandatory NYS Firearms Training Course (18 Hour Course) by an authorized Westchester County Sanctioned Program.