The Special Response Team (SRT) is a group of highly trained and specially equipped police officers who respond to emergencies requiring advanced police tactics. The SRT is deployed in:

  • High-risk warrant executions
  • Forced building entries
  • Hostage situations
  • Barricaded subjects

Other incidents requiring specialized weapons, tactics or equipment 

As with all services offered by the county police, the SRT:

  • Is available to all law enforcement agencies in the county
  • Trains regularly in order to remain proficient with their skills for their response duties
  • Cross-trains with tactical response teams of other departments - an integral component of regular training
  • Assists in developing, coordinating and participating in multi-jurisdictional special, response-team training initiatives throughout the county 

The SRT is supported by a Counter Sniper/Marksman Team that consists of marksmen/observers, whose primary function is to augment the Special Response Team. The CST provides:

  • Real time intelligence in critical situations through observation of the premises using specialized optical devices.
  • Cover and operational support to SRT officers and other special response personnel as they mobilize during a deployment