The Marine Unit provides police coverage and services along the Westchester County side of the Hudson River. The unit conducts police operations on the river in conjunction with other state and local police and fire agencies. 

The unit is dedicated to maintaining a visible law enforcement presence as part of its effort to enhance boater safety, security for fireworks displays and safe community celebrations along the shoreline. 

The Marine Unit conducts rescues of boaters or swimmers in distress and removes dangerous boaters or vessels from the water. 

The unit conducts counter-terrorism patrols around critical infrastructure including the Tappan Zee Bridge, sewage treatment plants and the Indian Point nuclear power facility. 

The Marine Unit’s primary vessels are a 36-foot SAFEBOAT and 31-foot SAFEBOAT. A 27-foot Boston Whaler rounds out the fleet. In addition to basic rescue, first aid and safety equipment, the vessels are outfitted with:

  • Infra-red night vision
  • A side scanner
  • An underwater remote-operated vehicle
  • Radiation detection equipment
  • De-watering pumps
  • An automated external defibrillator.