Uniformed members of the Patrol Services Division (PSD) are seen every day on the county’s parkways, in the Town of Cortlandt, at the Westchester County Airport and in county parks, office buildings and facilities. 

On any given day, a member of the Patrol Services Division may be called upon to perform an extensive range of assignments,

  • from traffic enforcement to investigating accidents
  • from transporting prisoners to local courts to installing child seats for residents
  • from responding to reports of domestic violence to securing a crime scene 

PSD members are the voice on the other end of a 911 call. Theirs is the first face that appears at the scene of an emergency ready to help. Officers of the PSD are highly visible and ever-vigilant. In essence, they are the identity of the department. 

The PSD is often called to assist Westchester’s municipal police departments in a variety of ways. From assistance on vehicle stops to emergency crowd control, the PSD continues to provide officers when requested.  

Examples of specialized PSD officers consistently requested to assist other departments are:

  • Breath Test Operators (used to process DWI arrests)
  • Drug Recognition Experts
  • Accident Investigators
  • Accident Reconstructionists
  • Emergency Services Unit. 

As the guardians of the parkway system, PSD officers are usually at an advantage to intercept suspects fleeing from local crime scenes as the parkways are always an attractive means of escape.