Section 114 - Aided Cases

Nine Chapters

To establish the guidelines for Sworn Members to follow when responding to an incident involving persons who are sick, injured or suffering from apparent psychological crisis or mental illness and in need of assistance (“Aided Cases”).

To establish guidelines for Sworn Members to follow in circumstances requiring notification to a family member or foreign consulate of a person who has died, is seriously ill or has been seriously injured.

To establish guidelines for safeguarding apparently mentally ill persons who conduct themselves in a manner reasonably appearing to be likely to result in serious harm to themselves or others (“Emotionally Disturbed Persons”), and who do not voluntarily seek medical assistance.

To establish guidelines for use of automated external defibrillators (“AEDs”) by Sworn Members.

To establish procedures for Sworn Members who encounter dead human bodies.

To establish the guidelines for Sworn Members to follow when subjects of incidents (e.g., injured, deceased or mentally incapacitated persons) cannot be readily identified (“Unidentified Persons”).

To provide procedures for the prevention of communicable disease in the workplace and for obtaining appropriate care in the event of an Employee’s exposure to communicable disease in the workplace (“Exposure Event”).

To establish guidelines governing the administration of intranasal naloxone by Sworn Officers of the Department to treat and reduce injuries and fatalities due to opioid-involved overdoses.

To establish guidelines for addressing various issues which may arise upon the death or serious injury of an Employee.