Section 121 - Dept. Property and Finance

Seven Chapters

To set forth guidelines related to budgeting, accounting and fiscal control procedures that: monitor and control expenditures within the Department’s budget appropriation; prevent budget discrepancies; control the purchasing process; and control Department property, equipment, and other assets.

To establish and maintain a standardized system for Employees to be reimbursed for authorized expenses incurred in connection with County employment.

To establish guidelines for Employees to obtain authorization for funding for travel and attendance expenses associated with Department operations and Department-related meetings, conferences and training not organized or provided by the Department (“Training and Travel Expenses”).

To establish policy and procedures for the proper storage and accounting of Department property.

To set forth procedures to ensure that the procurement of goods and services by the Department is appropriately authorized and accounted for.

To establish procedures for the reporting and investigation of the loss or theft of Department property.

To establish procedures for the acquisition, assignment, use and maintenance of Department vehicles.