Section 106 - Human Resources

Sixteen Chapters

To insure that qualified candidates are selected for employment as police officers and that the selection process is valid, job-related, nondiscriminatory and appropriately documented.

To establish guidelines to be followed when conducting pre-employment background investigations.

To establish uniform procedures to ensure all Employees are duly compensated for time worked beyond their scheduled tours of duty or assignments and that overtime assignments are made equitably.

To establish guidelines for the taking of leave time, other than sick leave, and arranging time off through the mutual exchange of tours of duty.

To establish uniform procedures to confirm the legitimate use of record leave taken by Employees who are sick or have suffered injuries other than line-of-duty injuries.

To establish uniform procedures for the reporting, aiding and investigation of Employee injuries incurred in, and illnesses or exposure to pathogens resulting from, the performance of their duties (“Line-of-Duty Injuries”).

To establish a formal ongoing process of evaluating the performance of Employees to achieve maximum efficiency in the operation of the Department.

To establish a fair, impartial and consistent method of designating Police Officers as Detectives.

To establish guidelines for the promotion of Sworn Members.

To delineate the procedures used to resolve Employee “Grievances,” as such term is defined in the Employees’ respective collective bargaining agreements.