Section 118 - Unusual Occurrences

Eight Chapters

To establish procedures for the Department’s response to Critical Incidents.

To establish guidelines and procedures for compliance with the requirements of the National Incident Management System (NIMS), and with Homeland Security Presidential Directive 5, "Management of Domestic Incidents," as required by Westchester County Executive Order Number 5 of 2005.

To establish procedures for Westchester County Department of Public Safety participation in the Westchester County Mutual Aid and Rapid Response Plan (“Mutual Aid Plan”).

To establish guidelines to supplement on-duty patrol personnel with additional Sworn Members in the event of large-scale incidents and emergencies.

To establish a procedure for processing arrests in circumstances which will, or which are anticipated to, exceed the capacity of the Department’s regular arrest processing procedures.

To define the duties of the Department at the scenes of labor disputes (including, but not limited to, strikes or picketing).

To establish and define the duties of the Department for policing Public Demonstrations and Special events.

To establish procedures to ensure the continuity of operations of the Department when an unusual occurrence results in a disruption of the Department’s infrastructure or other essential systems.