Section 109 - Patrol Services

Twenty-eight Chapters

To set forth the policy of the Westchester County Department of Public Safety regarding duties, conduct and procedures of members assigned to patrol.

To establish the duties and responsibilities of Patrol Supervisors.

To establish the duties and responsibilities of the Desk Officer.

To establish standards and guidelines for the operations of patrol personnel assigned to the Westchester County Airport.

To establish the duties and responsibilities of the Communications Unit and standardize procedures for police radio, telephone and other electronic communications.

To discontinue the use of Patrol Notebooks.

To define the policy and procedures governing the use of mobile and body-worn video and audio recording (“MVR” and “BWC, respectively) systems used by the Department.

To describe the procedures to be followed when responding to a call for police service.

To safely resolve confrontations between law enforcement officers, either on-duty or off-duty, where the confronted law enforcement officer’s identity is not apparent to the challenging law enforcement officer.

To establish guidelines for a standard and safe system of traffic direction and control by Sworn Members.