Section 109 - Patrol Services

Twenty-eight Chapters

To establish guidelines for members to follow in order to effectively and safely stop and approach vehicles and their occupants while on patrol.

To establish the Department’s policy and procedure regarding the enforcement of the New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law and other related traffic regulations.

To establish procedures for memorializing and reporting intelligence gathering interviews and observations.

To establish guidelines for the initiation, conduct and termination of motor vehicle pursuits and the related use of roadblocks.

To set forth guidelines for the lawful and safe establishment of sobriety and informational motor vehicle checkpoints.

The purpose of this section is to set fourth guidelines for safe and timely correction of street conditions and hazards.

To provide guidelines for the proper handling of complaints related to domesticated and undomesticated animals.

To define the duties and responsibilities of Department personnel regarding the repossession of motor vehicles.

To establish guidelines for the Department for response to residential and commercial alarm activations.

To define the role of Sworn Members responding to fire scenes.