Section 119 - Criminal Investigations

Thirteen Chapters

To establish guidelines and delineate responsibilities for conducting criminal and non-criminal investigations.

To establish guidelines to provide for the efficient management of the Department’s investigatory resources and ensure that criminal investigations are pursued to their appropriate conclusion.

To ensure that all Sworn Members comply with constitutional and statutory requirements when conducting criminal investigations.

To establish procedures to be followed by Sworn Members when interviewing persons in furtherance of investigations conducted by the Department.

To establish procedures for Sworn Members to follow when conducting proceedings of witness identifications of suspects in criminal investigations.

To establish guidelines for the use by the Department of polygraph examination for detecting deception.

To establish procedures for the collection of DNA samples from persons that may be used in criminal investigations and as specimens for the New York State Convicted Offender DNA Specimen Database.

To provide procedures for Sworn Members to follow with respect to the obligations of the Department’s participation in the management and maintenance of the New York State Sex Offender Registry.

To describe the manner in which Sworn Members shall establish and safeguard crime scenes.

To establish policy for obtaining search warrants and conducting searches subsequent to the issuance of a search warrant.